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    • zionist forever
    • 31.03.11 | 13:30 (IST)

    There are so many issues involved - security handing over chunks of Judea & Samaria just for the sake of diplomacy will damage security. - lack of negotiation. What you propose is the government should decide to just say the arabs want it so for the sake of democracy we will give it to them stop all this talk of a negotiated settlement. - coalition government, all governments on the left and right need the same old faces to form coalitions and many of them are pro settlement. If the government tries to take them on head to head then they will pull out the coalition bringing down the government. Thats the reason why in the entire history of the country not a single government has ever lasted a full 4 year term. The biggest disadvantage about democracy is that you can't have 1 man who can do anything he likes. So we can't find ourselves a left wing leader and nobody will question him. The palestinians themselves have not earned the trust of the Israeli public and for every Grad and bus bombing the less people want to do deals with the arabs. There are so many reasons why we can't just say well people don't like us, they love the arabs so lets just blindly follow do what the arabs want. What happens when the palestinians decide 2 states isn't enough anymore and they want a single binational state do we say well nobody likes the idea of a Jewish state they all love the idea of a binational one so just to make everybody else happy lets go to the UN and announce we are going down the binational route. If we want a diplomatic solution we need to go on the offensive and say to the world we want a NEGOTIATED solution, Bibi has spent the past 2 years asking Abbas to talk but even when gestures were made like a settlement freeze Abbas wasn't interested in talking. Ask the world why they never question Abbas and if there is no progress in talks then its down to Israel the palestinians are 101% dedicated to the peace process but Israel isn't

    from the article: Israel needs to launch a preemptive diplomatic strike
    First published 01:49 31.03.11 | Last updated 01:49 31.03.11
Haaretz Headlines
Palestinians say talks frozen with Israel over reducing IDF presence in West Bank cities

PLO's Saeb Erekat says talks have ground to a halt due to Israel's rejection of Palestinian requests to resume full security duties in Area A.

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Taylor Force, the U.S. citizen killed on the March 9, 2015 terror attack in Jaffa.
Israeli police arrest East Jerusalem man suspected of aiding murder of U.S. tourist Taylor Force

The 30-year-old man is suspected of manslaughter, conspiracy and transporting terrorist who killed student Taylor Force in March.

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Sign protesting separation of Arabs and Jews, near Meir Hospital.
Kfar Sava to remove sign against Arab-Jewish separation in maternity wards

Municipality deems sign near Meir Hospital, erected by activists, 'offensive.' Physician: There is racism among the staff.'

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Child sex abuse protest.
Orthodox activists, victims lobby N.Y. to change child sex abuse laws

Advocates for ultra-Orthodox victims say cultural prohibitions against reporting abuse to police remain strong in their communities, where extended families are often large and influential, and relationships are tightly knit.

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