There are limits to the ammount of concessions ANY government can be reasonably expected to make - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 29.07.11 | 14:25 (IDT)

    Yes this country has its problems some more serious than others but we can't fix them all overnight. These things need to be an ongoing thing that takes years if not decades. You want to pay for all these things right now then it will mean borrowing billions of dollars which has to be repaid with interest. It will mean higher taxes for everybody and cutbacks made in other areas. Sorry but you just can't say we need that so we demand the government give it to us now. Individuals have to run their lives around a budget and have to prioritize how to spend the money and so does government. People need to stop thinking they can have something for nothing... the revolutionary attitude is closing people's minds to reality. I know everybody loves to hate Bibi but he is not responsible for all these problems he has inherited a problems that have been around long before the last election. Her has actually been doing a pretty good job when it comes to housing by investing in the Negev through transport links and building of homes.... You want to actually SOLVE the housing problem rather than react and making short term gestures then that has to involve a change of culture. If people want to continue the ghetto culture of everybody being concentrated in the centre and along the coast then its going to drive up property prices and there is always going to be a lack of affordable housing. If people are living evenly spread throughout the whole country .. centre, Negev, Galilee then property prices stabilize although the cities like Tel Aviv will always be very expensive the way New York and London are expensive, thats the price you pay for living in a big city. If you want an instant revolutionary solution then you will destroy the economy which will lead to unemployment, lack of foreign investment etc then. Its not as romantic as the revolutionary solution but the RESPONSIBLE one which doesn't involve throwing out the good to get rid of the bad but then you need to go for long term projects and it will be many years before you notice any real changes. Revolutions are very romantic ideas but they are generally not very well thought out things and whist people use it as an excuse to say they want something nobody actually comes along to the revolution with any thought out plans on how to make changes. What this country does not need is a return to socialism unless we want to be the next Greece.

    from the article: Israelis demand dignity
    First published 13:36 29.07.11 | Last updated 13:36 29.07.11
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