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    • Bystander.
    • 15.05.13 | 17:42 (IDT)

    It seems the thing that upsets people now is the same thing that has upset them for thousands of years. They don't want Jews to succeed at anything. Now I agree that any right wing government is detrimental to the progress of a nation. But Israels stance has from the moment of its statehood been one of defense. A defense that for such a small section of land is on par with many leading western nations. The people of Gaza are kept ignorant of the world around them because they are kept like an open wound stemming from the defeat Israel dealt to the surrounding nations. Its not Israel that makes their prison, its Islam and the long line of Islamic henchmen that do that for them. Gaza is like the cycle of an abused women who keeps choosing abusive men. If Palestinians get their statehood then they will also receive the full responsibility if or when those state borders are breached via an act of war. This is something I don't think for one second the people in Gaza understand. However I have no doubt the surrounding Islamic countries are anticipating this very action. To them a Palestinian state is only a prelude to the very act of inciting a war with Israel. I hold no weight with any religious claims of ownership on any land on this planet, but one deciding factor of history is true no matter the race, creed or religion, the one who can defend the land is the one who inevitably owns it. This was all fine and dandy when it was Islamic armies invading and assimilating the near and middle east, but when the tables are turned, all of a sudden its a huge crime against humanity. Israel has many times over, proven it can defend its land and its people, Israel belongs to Israelis whether anyone likes it or not. Just to note, I deplore the blind and ignorant support of Israel solely for religious reasons, i.e. the right wing Christian republican party of the US. These people are not your friend under any guise, these people believe they need your country to cause a war to conclude their own religious delusion, which they inevitably still blame Jews for in the first place. The Jews who have prospered in many scientific fields and bettered their country and indeed the world did it in spite of religious teachings, not because of them. When a large percentage of the world hates you for who you are or were, then you focus your attention on necessity and logic, not fables and myths. A secular Israel, is a strong Israel and it is a secular Israel that I support.

    from the article: Hypocrisy and double standard: An open letter to Stephen Hawking
    First published 15:56 08.05.13 | Last updated 15:56 08.05.13
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the weekly cabinet meeting, February 7, 2016.
Netanyahu: Independent panels that vet top government appointees must go

Prime minister says system deprives ministers of powers they were elected to exercise; remarks come amid drive by politicians to regain control over appointments and dismissals of senior officials.

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Obama and Netanyahu.
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Isaac Herzog, Feb. 7, 2016
Labor adopts Herzog’s plan for separation from Palestinians as party platform

Plan recognizes that two-state solution is not imminent, seeks to separate dozens of Jerusalem-area Palestinian villages from the city itself among other measures.

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 A woman wearing tefillin prays at the Western Wall.
At Western Wall, one woman's victory is another's defeat

At annual Super Bowl Sunday prayer event, held in Israel for the first time, women at the Western Wall rejoiced in the recent egalitarian win there. But some women consider it a loss.

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