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    • zionist forever
    • 04.12.11 | 15:19 (IST)

    The original bill would have limited donations from foreign governments & NGOS to around $3000 a year. The new watered down version gives different rights to different groups. (1) Education and medical can be given any amount tax free (2) Politically active groups, there is no limit to what can be donated but its all taxable at 45% ( 3 ) More radical groups like those that encourage draft dodging and a palestinian armed struggle are not allowed any foreign donations. All seems pretty generous to me, all the humanitarian medical and educational charities are unaffected, political groups they have to pay tax ( how can it be democratic to even allow foreign governments to buy influence in Israeli politics .. they don't give that money out of love. The radical groups cant be given any foreign donations. All seems pretty reasonable to me. The US Foreign Agents Act bans foreign governments giving any donations to anybody so I would say the US law is tougher than anything thats even been proposed in Israel. The reason the governments are against this bill is because they donate to alot of the left wing political groups to buy influence and this will limit the funding these groups receive. The Geneva Accord which Meretz are campaigning on was not only fully funded by the EU but they were involved in its drafting. So a foreign government is giving money to help Meretz and try increase their chances in the election but this governement actually drafted a political platform for an Israeli political party. Love or hate Geneva it does't matter and it would't matter if they were funding a far right plan at the end of the day its undemocratic and the country needs some control on who gives what to who not to erode democracy but to preserve it. If these laws had been around before the so called peace process began no foreign government would even say anything the problem now is they want to be give unlimited donations to groups like Peace Now. The EU admitted that in the past they have given money to Peace Now. Bibi needs to stand firm and pass this watered down version of the bill.

    from the article: U.S. warns Israel over bill to limit foreign funding to NGOs
    First published 11:25 04.12.11 | Last updated 11:25 04.12.11
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