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    • zionist forever
    • 23.08.10 | 13:24 (IDT)

    Other countries have national religions & citizens of different faiths. You look at the UK legally it is a christian country based on one individual sect of christianity. The monarch must legally be Christian and they must marry a Christian, the flag is based on the crosses of Scotland & England. At the top the country is very much a secular christian country but about half the population are not christians and the fastest growing faith in the country is islam not christianity. The national anthem says God save the queen but there are alot of atheists. So alot of things about England have not meaning to non christians but at the same time the citizens are all free to practice their own faith. In Israel the national symbols & a few other things represent jews alone but we do not say unless your jewish you cannot be a citizen. Special privilages are given to jews such as the Law of Return giving jews the right to immigrate to Israel but that doesn't affect the citizens of Israel jewish or non jewish its a special right given to outsiders. Non jews are allowed to vote, they are allowed to buy property except JNF land and thats a private trust so they are entitled to decide who can use their land. Non jews can sit in the Knesset. The arabs even have the right to their own schools with their own curriculum and financed by the state although they are also entitled to attend non arab schools.They are a minority. They are a disliked and unwanted minority as a result of their own actions ( supporting Israels enemies ) they still though get given the rights jews do its just they do not feel the concept of a jewish state represents them but in the UK there are plenty of non christians who feel the concept of a christian state does not represent them and whilst they are a minority there are alot of republicans who don't like the idea of a monarchy and feel that having a queen as head of state does not represent them. There is no such thing as a country anywhere in the world where there are not segments of the population who feel the workings of the country or its chosen identity do not represent them. If Israel was not a jewish state then it would have no reason at all to exist. The sole reason for its creation was to create a jewish state not a secular western style state where religion & state have no connection. If it were to become that it would no longer have a right to exist. YOU CAN PLEASE ALL OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME BUT YOU CANT PLEASE ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.

    from the article: You can't be a Jewish Muslim
    First published 01:58 23.08.10 | Last updated 01:58 23.08.10
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