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    • Basil
    • 03.05.05 | 19:35 (IDT)

    What is paramount is a stable world order, a respect for sovereignty, human rights, and the Geneva Convention on prisoners, borders, and the like. Changing the U.N. to make it in-line with US, Israeli, or Arabic views to distort its charter is not healthy. The violations of U.N. resolutions was used an excuse to invade Iraq which if it had WMD would have had at best meagre stockpiles. So the UN charter was violated in the name of supporting the UN. That is similar to committing atrocities in the name of defending yourself as a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. No difference. It is to justify the immoral by saying you are fighting for the greater good.... What Israel and its neighbors need is a peace agreement that is viable and long-term and addresses security, borders that addresses the religious concerns of both Jews and the Arabs, water resources, settlements etc.... If this is not done in a satisfactory manner, then you have continuous problems. Syria bought missiles. However, Syria has not been known to attack Israel since 1973. The missiles could be used supposedly if the Israeli Air Force enters into Syrian air space over the presidential palaces and the like which they have done in the past. But as far as using them to strike Israel, that would be suicidal for Syria. It is not like the Soviets equipped them with the their latest MIGs, tanks, submarines etc.... Syria by itself is no real military threat to Israel. As far as Hezbollah, they won't disarm so long as the Palestinians and Israelis do not come to some kind of agreement. At least, that is my feeling on that.... I do not think that the Likud government will come to an agreement with the Palestinians. They want the immediate disarmament of Hamas before doing anything which was not mentioned in the Egyptian conference. I can understand this being a necessary element for peace, but without a political deal in sight or final status conditions, they won't disarm and the Israeli government knows that and then it will be stated the Palestinians and don't want peace and then more settlements will be built in justification of that statement... The basic old cycle...

    from the article: In the role of the rottweiler
    First published 00:00 03.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 03.05.05
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