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    • hedi enghelberg
    • 13.05.07 | 07:36 (IDT)

    The new symbolism of the kidnappings A few weeks after Caporal Gilat Shalit* was kidnapped in a deadly attack in Gaza, I wrote an article about the ?Symbolism of his kidnapping?. Later, another 2 soldiers belonging to the Northern Command (Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser) were abducted in another bloody raid by Hezbullah. Then the Second Lebanon war followed, with so many, too many Israeli soldiers dead. The list of prisoners exchanged is so large, with so many criminals and terrorists that the simple consideration of it is making the political and military (+ security) establishments very uneasy. The list is simply unacceptable. Then the idea of committing acts of terrorism and crimes is a simple time problem: commit the crime, do some time, learn some Hebrew, read a lot, pump some iron, until my buddies in the territories kidnap someone and exchange it with me. Some one has to put an end to the mythical and superhuman status of our soldiers, from the prisoner exchange point-of-view, because, some day, we will simply run out of prisoners to exchange with the bandits. Then, they will ask for what: money, no, they do not need money. The Iranians, the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, and the Pakistani all have money. Maybe they will ask for land and other commodities. And what will we do when we run out of goods to exchange with the criminals? This is exactly like the story of the ?golden fish and the fishermen?. Being in business with the criminals and terrorist groups is not a good thing. These are simply gang and bandits, in the bad word, just ?kidnapping? the freedom fight name for camouflaging simple petty crimes. We just have to find a way to free Shalit and attack, attack, attack. A raid based on Entebbe guidelines will have to be put in to place. In Gaza, a strip of arid land 4 x 10 miles has only so many places to hide someone. At the same time the Hamas & Hezbollah political echelons have to be held responsible for the Israeli kidnapped soldiers, in Gaza and Lebanon. The International Red Cross has to care less for the terrorists captured in Afghanistan and Iraq that are held in Guantanamo Naval base and try to visit the 3 Israeli soldiers kept as captives and care for their well being, or at least care the same? An Israeli dialogue with Hamas and Hezbollah have only a simple meaning for them: trying to find a way to destroy Israel and its citizens. This dialogue can go either way, with the terrorist?s kidnapping the political agenda of the moderates and progressive elements in their societies. They even have kidnapped the same religion and Koran that forbids these acts. All in the name of what?

    from the article: The wheels did not turn
    First published 00:00 11.05.07 | Last updated 00:00 11.05.07
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