The state of Judea is the logical consquence of the state of Israel! - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Joe
    • 22.10.05 | 12:31 (IST)

    The way I see it, if Jews thought they can bring back Israel from the pages of Genesis and Joshua and other chapters from their mythology book, what is to stop the script from going further to it's ultimate absurdity and bring back the state of Judea from chapters of Ezekiel or whereever the heck it's mentioned? The state of Judea has the same claim to the land as the state of Israel, if not more so, considering how they claim to know God's will better than the state of Israel does. The point being here is that modern day Zionism is an abusrdity to begin with--no, that doesn't mean Palestinian Jews have no claim to this land--and as Palestinians-- we should embrace our Jewish,Christian, Muslim and Druze heritage--and sadly Zionists tainted Judaism to the point where it's difficult to impossible to achieve that with the current state of affairs--of us being occupied and oppressed by Zionists who falsly wrap themselves in the Torah. The truth be known Jewish history--myths and all-- in Palestine IS OUR HISTORY. It is Palestinian history along with Roman rule, Byzantine rule, Ottoman rule and so many other historical events that make up the mosaic of Palestinian culture and history. It doesn't belong to some shmuck from Brooklyn or to any shmuck who happens to eat kosher meal. I don't see Catholics from Argentina claiming a birth right to the Vatican but the absurdity of Zionism makes that quantum leap. Therefore, if you believe in the legitimacy of the state of Israel, YOU CANNOT DENY THE LEGITIMACY OF THE STATE OF JUDEA. It's in the same book--if not chapter and verse-- that has been used to give "legitimacy" or justification for the existence of Israel. To deny one is to deny the other. Both "states" are based on the belief that Jews--ANY JEW FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD--has a claim to the land of Palestine based on some ungodly interepretation of a mythology book dating back thousands of years. You know the old saying, be careful what you ask for, you might get it. Well, you can't play let's roll back the time to 500 b.c and at the same time expect to selectively choose which events of that time period you want or don't want. It's all or nothing, Zionists want to recreate Israel from the pages of the Torah or at least use that mythology book as the basis for the existence of the state, and already we have seen the pages of Joshua and the ethnic cleansing come alive in modern times against the Palestinians, but so too will the divide between Israel and Judea come to life from these very pages. Religious Zionism is a force that will, if it hadn't done so already, surpass secular Zionism. You add Christian Zionist support and Israel has no chance. What if Christian Zionists start to back the state of Judea against the state of Israel? Christian Zionists are in lock step with the settlers. If you don't believe that reality, watch to see Christian Zionists sabotage efforts for Sharon to get his billion in aid from Bush to pay for Gaza withdrawel. The state of Judea is Frankestein in the making and I say Israel deserves to have such neigbours BUT THE PALESTINIANS DON'T DESERVE THIS HORROR SHOW FROM THE PAGES OF DEUTERONOMY TO PLAY OUT IN THEIR BACKYARD!!

    from the article: Preparing for the next war
    First published 00:00 21.10.05 | Last updated 00:00 21.10.05
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