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    • Joseph E .
    • 14.05.07 | 05:17 (IDT)

    for internal pr , and also Assad buildin' up syria military presence by Israel's borders , as a move to trap Israel in talks , as an Assad show of , response to syria voters inquiries about Golan , So is Peretz in light of upcomin' leftist primaries for internal leftist pr talkin' about diplomacy , Basically Israel talkin' with Assad would be a reward to Assad-Syria's trap to Israel ,if Assad-Syria is about peace then Teheran clerics are Santa Clauss , Assad-Syria knows that he'll be gone should he make a conventional open militarily move against Israel , wich Assad may be pressured to do for many reasons wich none of them are of his interest especially when he knows that he is not about peace , so he'll prefer to keep the terror proxy(s) cards against Israel , wich means for Siniora that he " will be the last to make peace with Israel" , Israel must not seek talks with an hypocrite Siniora aidin' terror Hezbollah and Co. same as Abbas does with Hamas and pals terror groups , while both Siniora and Abbas benefit from bein' portrayed as weak at Israel's expense , whether individually or collectively none of these arabs/muslims pawns are about peace same as is not Saudia initiative , Such are Middle East Natural Laws , these are the consequences of at least 3 uncles and their families and 3 brothers and their families of wich one of them married 2 woman plus checkin' concubines and havin from them kids on the left and on the right and this man havin' a nephew who cheked his own 2 daughters who had from him kids ect... and so on , A family tree to stay away from for if you try to understand , you'll just get lost , to the point were descendents of a brother kill the desendent of a brother in the plains of Moab durin' a King Reign , a King whom himself marry a Moabite . And above all the Holy One's choice risin' jealousy and hatred from others for havin' selected one as a chosen to spread a message of respect to Life and Death thru the Liberty Bell's sound to mankind in a time where dictaorship ruled the region till today ,

    from the article: Mossad chief says Syria won't break Hezbollah ties
    First published 00:00 14.05.07 | Last updated 00:00 14.05.07
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