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    • Mark Jeffery Koch
    • 21.05.11 | 00:56 (IDT)

    The biggest mistake Obama and others have made is deciding to put the issue of Jerusalem and the Right of Return off until last. They should both be decided on BEFORE any question of final borders, security, water, etc. Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert did conclude a workable agreement on Jerusalem, and although Jerusalem is an emotional issue for religious Jews especially, it can be worked out. The main problem and the only thing preventing a two State solution and an end to the conflict has been and is the Palestinians total refusal to accept that the Right of Return must be to the new Palestinian State only. Arafat and his successors have lied to the Palestinian people promising them the right to return to Israel and telling them to save the keys to their homes from sixty years ago. They lied to their people and are scared to now go to their people and tell them the truth. They have convinced their people that they will be able to return to pre 1967 Israel and that will never happen, and because they have not done one thing to prepare their people for the truth the Palestinians still have every expectation of the Right of Return coming true, but it will never become a reality and no amount of Kassam missiles, Grad rockets, busses and restaurants and innocent Israelis blown to pieces will change this. A real leader would have prepared his people for peace and not entered negotiations based on a lie. Borders, sharing water, Jerusalem, etc etc are all workable compromises, however painful, but as long as the Palestinian people continue to have expectations that they will be allowed to return to present day Israel then the conflict will not end, the refugee camps will continue to exist, terrorism will still happen, and the Palestinian people will continue to be disenfranchised. Yes, Israel made many mistakes but if there had been a Palestinian leader with vision and integrity who was honest with his people this conflict would have ended many years ago.

    from the article: Netanyahu tells Obama: Israel cannot go back to the 1967 borders
    First published 20:32 20.05.11 | Last updated 20:32 20.05.11
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