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    • judah ben hur
    • 07.07.10 | 18:36 (IDT)

    obama sat in wrights very angry anti white, anti jew, anti gay, anti judeo christian church for 20 years...not six months, not a year, but for 20 yrs! that tells you A LOT! "IF" Obama were the unifier and race healer the mass liberal media made him out to be, he would not have sat in that church for more than 1 month, let alone allowing him to become his MENTOR. His other friends? rashid khalidi, farakhan, jackson, sharpton, soros, brzezinski, power, indyk, van jones, bill ayers, etc...etc... look into all of these people...go ahead...see what you find... WAKE UP PEOPLE. The people in the USA already have ...look at the polls...he is sinking like a rock, people distrust him, he cannot answer the 3 am call, he uses the UN to delegitimize his ally' short, this man is dangerous and the scary part is that he oackages himself as somehow rational and centrist. He is not. His FP is a joke, the saudis think he is a fool, the russians laugh at him, as do the chinese and koreans, iran mocks him, syria uses him, turkey has used him... they questioned his experience before he was elected, and sure enough, he is showing his ideological leanings and naivetee on so many fronts...IF he was truly a friend of israel, a great "unshakeable" friend, he would have visited israel already...rather than running to copenhagen to bid for the olympics, or rather than running like a fool to turkey, or egypt. His whole rapprochement with the muslim world is a total farce. He has screwed up the gulf spill cleanup, he PERSONALLY appointed the woman who headed up the MMA and then approved the BP rig just weeks before the disaster, and she subsequently resigned but curiously NO ONE in the "balanced" media seems to want to interview her..... he villify's those that work hard and profit (yah, everyone's a wall streeter eh obie?) suuuuure...he plays the race card when he has to....(the beer summit) he rammed through an unpopular health bill and has lied about having lobbyists in his admin, not to mention transparency....and now, wait for it, more spending, and big tax hikes in the form of a vat coming...yes, a vat that will tax those UNDER 250k... wake up people...this man is not a friend of american freedom and leadership...he is the proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing. turf him out in 2012.

    from the article: Palestinian negotiator: Netanyahu blocking path to direct peace talks
    First published 14:47 07.07.10 | Last updated 14:47 07.07.10
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