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    • Steve
    • 19.07.10 | 07:41 (IDT)

    You'd be patently wrong about that there Connie. In fact Amongst the 1.5 billion Muslims in many countries of the world, there is not relatively higher violence than there is amongst any other religious grouping in the world. Historically they have not been responsible for more than a fraction as many acts of terrorism and war against each other or others as have the USA and ISrael, both of which states have consistently waged war and TERRORISM against others without a pause through your entire histories. The actual death statistics of the conflict which concerns you, Palestine, shows that there is fact very few killings by Palestinians, of their own or even less of Israelis. In any year the total number of Israelis to die from Peanut allergies or Bee Stings is higher than the number killed by Palestinian violence. Interestingly, those israelis killed are usually IDF soldiers, egaged as they are in an illegal occupation and aggression their deaths are legal under international law or they have been illegal settlers, living on stolen land and under international law they have no protection, their deaths are not murder either but legitimate resistance. That's the facts, even if your Jewish exceptionalism demands they be otherwise. . Yet in any given year the number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli soldiers, and ARMED SETTLERS, is far higher than daily, higher than twice daily and higher than thrice daily. Some years you kill an average of 5 Palestinian children evcery day of the year! Israel is a beast state, an evil illegitimate state of insane religious paranoia and a national mindset which begs for its own doom. I sincerely trust that in the fullness of time this will come to you also. Sadly you have failed to assimilate and your eyes are blinded by your own reflections. The truly wicked man begins to fear his helpless victim more and more as he cannot help but fear his victim may be as evil as himself and may one day gain the upper hand. This paraoid fear has made a terminal basket case out of this ridiculous fake state with the stolen name and stolen mostly mythical history on stolen land.

    from the article: Tricky Bibi
    First published 03:14 15.07.10 | Last updated 03:14 15.07.10
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