the protests will never stop because the protestors are only interested in ideology not economy or reality - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 13.05.12 | 16:09 (IDT)

    These protestors are idealists not organized groups like unions who know what they want and what is realistic to ask for and the bulk of this lot don't understand the first thing about economics or the reasons some things are the way they are and why they can't be changed by governments on the left or right. They want sensible housing prices and are demanding the government do something about that but the fact is the governments don't set housing prices the free market does and if the people who have the money to buy are willing to buy at silly prices then they will and it will make sure the prices stay high. The idea Tel Aviv can ever be affordable is an impossible dream. Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in the Middle East and 17th most expensive in the world when it comes to property that means buying will always be beyond the reach of the average Israeli and rents are always going to be high because the investors who buy to rent want to make a profit and they won't get that if they are offering low rentals and there is not alot the government can do about that beyond window dressing. They are unhappy about fuel prices but Israel imports all its oil and oil prices are high and it gets passed onto the motorist and fuel taxes are not all that bad but the motorists think its a matter of social justice if taxes go up for them by 5 Agarot a litre. The electricity prices have gone up, thats' not the governments fault its the fault of the arab spring. Before he was toppled Israel got cheap gas from Egypt for use in its power stations but since he was toppled there has been very little gas coming into Israel at all as the pipeline keeps getting blow up & the politics of the new Egyptian regime and so the electric companies are having to use more expensive fuels so they can keep the lights on and if the electric company needs to spend more to generate electricity then the users are going to get higher bills. They think its unfair that taxes are the levels they are but at the same time they expect government to spend more and more money all the time. Some of the things they consider social justice is purely based on do I think its fair. When it was discovered that Strauss were selling chocolate bars in the US cheaper than they were in Israel there were people out in the streets calling this a social justice matter. The cottage cheese protest which started it all, so cottage cheese is to expensive the solution is you just don't buy cottage cheese until supermarkets come down ( we are not all going to die if we don't eat cottage cheese or eat Strauss chocolate ) but people think they are entitled to these things and think its a social justice issue if they don't get it. After the last round of protests they were demanding government spends much more money on social welfare projects but they were also demanding that taxes be lowered so they are just not realists and need to accept the days when Israel was a socialist country are gone, today its capitalism & the free market that is king and we are not going back to the old days no matter how many protests there are. They are looking for an ideal world not a realistic one and so they will never be satisfied with anything governments do.

    from the article: The new face of Israel's social protest
    First published 00:42 13.05.12 | Last updated 00:42 13.05.12
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