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    • 31.08.10 | 06:01 (IDT)

    When two parties negotiate, neither party will ever get what they want. That is what makes it an agreement, that each party has conceded something and gained something (ie You win some, you lose some) The problem with those in charge of negotiating for the Palestinians, is that everything they have asked for is the BARE MINIMUM to which they are entitled to: 1- the pre-67 borders (aka only the land that is currently occupied which is in violation of international law- this is undisputed fact) To ask for the settlements to be stopped is completely within their rights. If this is to be the land that is to be their future state, why are Israeli only settlements allowed to be continuously built separating and dividing what is to be come their future state? 2-EAST Jerusalem as a capital. Considering under the partition plan when the state of Israel was created, Jerusalem was not given to Israel and instead was later annexed (again a move not recognized by international law)- having that a as a capital is very reasonable, and to sacrifice that is simply unfair. 3- a right to return for its refugees that have been displaced throughout the world after being kicked out of their homeland which many have been living in for generations. Once again, considering all that the Palestinians have already given up and the way they have been living since 1948, they are not asking for much. In these peace processes, the Palestinians have much more to gain than the Israelis because the Israelis are already control the entire country and have at their disposal the money and the military power to maintain their security. Israel really has nothing to gain from a peace process, except security and the friendship and respect of its Arab neighbors. As well as to improve its image in the eyes of the international community, which as of late, has been very critical of Israeli actions. For the Palestinians, rather than asking for the full potential to that which they are entitled to, and looking to get an actual fair deal with their Israeli neighbors where they will all be treated as equals and human beings, they are ONLY asking for the bare minimum to which any self-respecting human being should ask for. The problem is, when they don't concede or give up any of these 3 things they are asking for (nor should they) they will be seen as not being "serious about the peace process" because they are not willing to make sacrifice, when it is in fact they have been sacrificing all these years, with nothing left to sacrifice. Unfortunately, that is why I am not optimistic about these peace talks. Here in the US, all we will hear about is how the talks fell apart because the Palestinians were not an adequate peace partner, while Israel tried its very hardest to create peace.

    from the article: U.S. sees Washington peace talks as start of year-long process
    First published 23:00 30.08.10 | Last updated 23:00 30.08.10
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