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    • zionist forever
    • 05.10.11 | 09:35 (IST)

    In Egypt what Sadat wanted was Sinai and as the ruler of a country and a dictator even if the Egyptian masses didn't want peace ( which they didn't ) it didn't matter because Sadat's word was law. With the palestinians there are more issues and there is no central leadership with the authority to speak for everybody and the issues are much more emotional ones. Right of return is something the palestinians refuse to drop and Israel refuses to grant but one of the keys to this conflict is right of return so how do you solve that. Any arab leader who even proposed giving up right of return would be assassinated because it means so much to the people. Jerusalem, to Israel its not for sale to the palestinians its a demand. The settlements, in Sinai there was just a handful of settlers and Sinai was never part of biblical Israel so whilst it wasn't easy for Begin to close them it was possible. In Judea & Samamria there are around 500,000 settlers, its in biblical Jewish land and the settlement movement still has alot of support both amongst the general public and in the political system so its very easy to say stop the settlements but when your the PM thats not such an easy thing to do. For the palestinians they are also not united on what they want. Some will be satisfied with 2 states even though long term no palestinian state in just the remaining 22% of British mandate Palestine can ever be viable. Others will not be willing to accept anything less than a single state in 100% of mandate Palestine and see 2 states as a stepping stone to the liberation of all Palestine. With Lebanon, until they get rid of Hezbollah and are ready to make peace then we don't have a hope of making peace. In Syria Assad has never been serious about peace and even if he goes we don't know who will replace him but his recent threats have proven that whilst treaties that can take years to agree on can be torn up overnight land provides physical protection. The root cause though is the fact Israel exists. The arabs have never accepted the idea of a Jewish state in a Muslim Middle East and especially a Jewish state in the Holy Land so the fact Israel is there no matter what its borders are going to be a problem and if the UN was voting on the idea of creating a Jewish state today there probably wouldn't be single country in the world who would vote in favour. Until the arabs want Israel then no matter how many palestinian states we create or how much land we give away we will not have peace. As for the idea of peace in the entire Middle East, take Israel out the picture and the arabs will find something to fight about.... there has never been peace in this part of the world and I doubt there ever will be.

    from the article: No realistic chance of permanent Middle East peace
    First published 03:06 05.10.11 | Last updated 03:06 05.10.11
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