The Power of U.S. Lobbies and the Political Economy of a Failing Super Power - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Gondabah
    • 06.10.11 | 12:29 (IST)

    As an American citizen, I find this article incredibly disconcerting on so many levels. In keeping with its “hasbara as facts” strategy, Israel has clearly and explicitly presented a transparent politicized and wildly self-serving and contradictory position, in almost complete conflict with the will of the international community - "this move negates the efforts of the international community to advance the political process".” Of course, it is the very same international community that, recognizing the futility of further negotiations with the Israeli government, is now prepared and eager to move ahead recognize Palestine as a U.N. member state, and welcome them as a UNESCO member (if this was no the case, the Israeli statement would not have been issued in the first place, and the shrill U.S. threat would be unnecessary). This type of “hasbara as reality” is not surprising from Israel, but now the world is witnessing that the U.S. is actually prepared willing to express its diplomacy in supportive response to it (cutting funding to UNESCO, even if this is just a threat). This is shocking. This is an open invitation to the rising alternate powers in the world to step into a lead role that the U.S. seems unable to play any longer. You can have any opinion you want on this conflict, but one has to step back and acknowledge that U.S., due to its political structure, is probably simply unable to free itself from the lobby agendas of various groups there, and its hyper-reactionary response/support actions are the product of this situation (U.S. congressmen competing to stand in ovation, proposing demonstrative pro-Israeli legislation, issuing threat statements to world bodies). It appears to me that AIPAC and its various affiliates are capable and prepared to steer the U.S. right along with Israel into a diplomatic corner, in which, regardless of it final actions, by its statements/threats alone, its integrity has simply been so compromised, that it looses has forfeited its leadership role in the world order. Is it conceivable that the U.S. will sanction the WTO once it grants some sort of recognition to Palestine?

    from the article: Clinton: UNESCO should think again before granting Palestinian membership
    First published 09:11 06.10.11 | Last updated 09:11 06.10.11
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