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IDF downs infiltrating Syrian fighter jet

Syrian confirms its Sukhoi 24 intercepted by Patriot missile; WATCH: Pilots eject from plane.

IDF kills suspects in kidnap of West Bank teens

Hamas confirms both Marwan Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Aisha killed in shootout at West Bank hideout; Netanyahu praises Shin Bet and IDF for 'succeeding' in targeting the kidnappers.

Journalists: The enemies in Erdogan's 'New' Turkey

An orchestrated personal attack, including death threats, faces journalists raising critical voices against Turkey’s new president. The intimidation, cheerleadered by Erdogan’s pet media outlets, subjects women reporters to particular contempt.

Facebook junkie? Let ancient Judaism be your rehab

A new shmita-themed program in New York called Fallow Lab aims to help get Jews offline.