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    • 19.06.10 | 12:14 (IDT)

    The way that the middle Eastern conflicts are perceived in western and eastern countries are dengerously different. In fact , each of them is biased to one extrem and both of them are far from having a moderate view and mutual undertanding.It is why solving the conflict is so difficult. In the middle Eastern countries, people see all as the enmity of westerns toward Islam. Due to the Israel and US killing and extrem policies in the Middle East, it is not very challenging to the people to prove it is true: an American helicopter hits and kill dozaines of civilianz, or Israel attacks and kills in cool bloode many palestinians. So this people find what they need to be convionced that whatever they do americans and Israelis will kill. In this way they fail to see that there are Israelies who want peace, and are tired of conflict. There might be other ways rather than terroristic attack to communicate. In the same way, even talking about Israel and Holoucast is a biod tabou in the western countries specially US. SO people are stopped at the very beginning of their thinking and never really learns how palestinians suffer here, and even if their family members were killed by foreign troops they could not thinl logically. It is some thing that Israel has tried to do to survive, but it turns to be a bomb against itself, because in this way all the possible way of getting feedback and identifying a deterioration is blind. Furthermore, it fails to find more effective way that without bloodshed guarantee its security. The first glimps of this explusion was gaza flotilla . So the two groups are far from undrestanding each other and having a fair idea toward each other.So, the Middle Eastern conflicts are far a way to be resolved. Either Isralies, palestinians, or Iranians, iraqis and palestini people will suffer and stupid politicians continue making propaganda for their local battle. For all of them, it is the ordinary people who lose their life.

    from the article: Poll: Obama's ranking in Muslim world slides over Mideast
    First published 10:31 19.06.10 | Last updated 10:31 19.06.10
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