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Michal Cherkesky, 36, who went missing during a blizzard on Mount Annapurna, Nepal.
Body of missing Israeli found in Nepal

36-year-old Michal Cherkesky's family has been notified, and embassy staff in Kathmandu are working to transfer her remains to Israel.

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New drugs to subdue the viral storm

Science are developing a new generation of drugs that may benefit people suffering from less-researched diseases such as Ebola.

Israel's rich and powerful mingle at rooftop party

A government minister, a Knesset member and the police chief celebrated the new Jewish year with businessman Eli Elezra. But they deny that they discussed politics.

Sometimes, emigrating from Israel is enriching

Discussions about emigration from Israel too often resemble the discourse about divorce: Any parting is perceived as a tragedy, even if the couple’s relationship was stifling and made them miserable.