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    • zionist forever
    • 19.05.11 | 18:16 (IDT)

    A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN FORCED TO LEAVE THEIR COUNTRY IN ORDER TO ESCAPE WAR, PERSECUTION OF NATURAL DISASTER. Anybody who was born after 1948 under the official definition of refugee is not a refugee in their own right Even UNRWA which represents palestinian interests defines a refugee as PEOPLE WHOSE NORMOL PLACE OF RESIDENCE WAS PALESTINE BETWEEN JUNE 1946 - 1948 WHO LOST BOTH THEIR HOMES AND LIVELIHOOD AS A RESULT OF THE 1948 ARAB ISRAEL CONFLICT. So officially neither the dicitonary definition or UNRWA recognize the descendants of the refugees as refugees in their own right. The sooner the palestinians accept that nobody under 63 is a refugee in their own right then the sooner we will make progress. Get them to throw away those rusty keys and end nakba day. The nakba marches and right of return demands have nothing to do with 1967 and the idea of creating a palestinian state. Its another issue of conflict in its own right and to solve that one we need to change the nakba mentality. How many of the descendants of Jewish refugees from Europe today call themselves refugees of WW2? They were never able to return to their homes and I doubt there are many if any who ever got their property back. My grandparents were refugee from Austria they got on with life and didn't fantasize about having a right of return to their lovely home. Nakba is a mentality and as long as it exists no matter how many palestinian states we create unless we grant a right of return then we will never have any chance at peace so the priority must be to end the refugee mentality before anything else. Israel is not responsible for the refugee problem the arabs are. We didn't expel them all by force, the vast majority left out of their own will either on the advice of invading arab armies who were telling them the was would be over in a couple of weeks or simply out of fear of what might happen. If we lost the war you think the arabs would have been saying to the surviving Jews ok fight is over come home and lets be good friends. They would have done no different. Its also time to stop defining these people as refugees because they are not. the official definition of an refugee is " Israel has nothing to apologize for and if we lost the war then its the Jews who would have lost their homes, lets not have any romantic illusions the arabs would have said to any survivors the war is over now, come home and lets be friends. They would have not let the Jews return and enjoyed the spoils of war. Jewish mentality though would not be to spend 63 years going on about how they want to return to their nice little houses they would have accepted the reality and moved on whilst the arabs dream of going back in time.

    from the article: For Mideast peace, Israel needs to own up to Palestinian pain
    First published 01:37 19.05.11 | Last updated 01:37 19.05.11
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