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    • zionist forever
    • 03.08.11 | 11:43 (IDT)

    Cooperatives - they are a 20th century business model which there are very few of today because they have limited growth potential. Can you imagine a company like Intel becoming the giant it is today if it were a cooperative? It would have remained a small - medium sized company in Silicon Valley. Israel will not survive economically in the 21st century unless it does adopt a neo capitalist model. We need the the big foreign companies to invest in Israel to provide jobs and bring money into the country but these companies want a neo capitalist system, they are not interested in social welfare and if they feel Israel has to many rules or they are having to make to many concessions on their way of doing business so they can fit in with Israelis non capitalist system they will decide its just not worth me staying in Israel and they will close their plants and move to a country where they can do business their way and Israel will pay the price through lost jobs and lost income from exports. Its not capitalism that failed around the world it was to much borrowing. In the late 90s & early 2000s things were good, countries borrowed heavily, banks encouraged people who could not usually afford to buy their home to take out a mortgage become one of the property owners, people on low incomes were given credit cards and allowed to borrow thousands and then the bubble burst and overnight individuals, companies and countries found themselves with big debts they couldn't pay. One of the reasons that Israel escaped this is because of its current property laws which makes it hard for people to get mortgages, people who could not afford to buy property in Israel were not getting the mortgages so there were no collapse in the property market, Israel's were living within their means and it helped Israel avoid the economic crash everybody else experienced. Israel cannot afford to adopt this utopia idea of Herzels, we have moved beyond late 19th, early 20th century economics and Israel is no longer a zionist ideal its a real country and nit has all the same problems other countries must face and it must compete with everybody else. In an a dream which is all Israel was in Herzel's day you can create a country that where buildings are made of gold and nobody wants for anything but when you move beyond the dream into reality you also have to accept that reality isn't as wonderful as the dream. Capitalism has been good for Israel and its not something we want to abandon on a whim just because there are a bunch of people campaigning for more social welfare, especially because most these protestors have not even considered how we pay for all these things they want. They just know what they want and they would be quite happy for the government to borrow money to fund it and thats the attitude that got the rest of the world into trouble.

    from the article: Social protesters represent real Zionism
    First published 02:42 03.08.11 | Last updated 02:42 03.08.11
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