the most important issue in Iran-Israili conflict is that it is not reasonable - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Julie
    • 18.11.11 | 20:53 (IST)

    If you get friendly with even a religious diplomats, or their family members, one of the first things that they are going to discuss about is their concern about Iran-Israili conflict as an unnecessary burden which is a result of miss-management of mullahs. They say our difference with Israil is not in the level of our conflicts, but our common points is much more than our difference. The other important point is that Iranians are of the few nations in the world who do not learn hatred to Jews in their cultural and hstorical trainings and from their parents. Our parents generally teach us that we should respect other fates, and even some of them are better than us. Jews are no different from others.Then, in school books, government never dare to target Israil because it is Jewish, they say Israel is bad because it kills Palestinian kids. The majority of Iranians have very vague and neutral view about the Jewish people. They may feel bad when they hear about killing of Palestinians, but they become so for the killing of people in the whole world and it has nothing to do about being Jewish. There are a religious minority who hate israil, however in their beliefs they clearly separate Zionism from Judaism, and respect Jews as one of the three holy-book-holders and Abraham follower. Moses is still a popular name among Iranian Muslims. There is also a minority Anti-arab nationalist who believe they should have a close relationship with Israel to defeat arabs. Surprisingly this group mainly is from powerful professional technocrats , but also from some anti-governmental groups. It is why when we come out of Iran and for the first time we hear that Iranians want to make bomb to burn Jews, we have a hard time to understand it. After some one explains us what is the story, then often the answers " srailis are "bikar" meaning unemployed so have nothing to do and look for hobbies to amuse herself".

    from the article: Israeli row with Iran triggers memories of one-time ally
    First published 09:05 18.11.11 | Last updated 09:05 18.11.11
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