the military need to say gloves off time and do whatever it takes which olmert did not let them do in 2006 - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 02.12.10 | 12:34 (IST)

    Of course the military can't protect against thousands of rockets not even the US would have that kind of capability the IDF needs to choose which to shoot down and which to not shoot down based on the target. The bulk of these rockets Hizbollah have are short range and cannot reach anywhere near Tel Aviv. The solution would have to be for the IDF to say gloves off not doing things proportionally which Olmert did which is one of the reasons that things went so wrong in 2006 and the government must stay out of it completely and let the IDF take charge fully. What the government does need to do now is renovate public bomb shelters because most are not fit for use because as there has been no need for them since Desert Storm 20 years ago they have been used for storage and neglected so they are no longer fit for use. For the first time in the countries history since Desert Storm public shelters are important all over the country in an age of missile. It also needs new legislation on building regulations, in the past all buildings had to by law have a public shelter today the laws are not so strict and older buildings are converting their shelter into apartments or new builds just need to have secure rooms and if a missile lands on top the building a secure room won't save anybody one floor will collapse and all the floor under it will also collapse because of the damage done by the floor above. In the old days when you had a proper bomb shelter instead of underground car parks the building could fall down and you would still be safe. So we need a change in building regulations. Time to go back to the old days of pre emptive strikes so we can destroy the enemy and their weapons before they can launch those missiles. The military should also look into buying the Russian S-400 system because it is far superior to the US Patriot, it can intercept multiple targets and unlike either Patriot or Arrow it can shoot down cruise missiles. We can't make peace with Hizbollah and they are on their way to overthrowing the Lebanese government and Lebanon is on its way to becoming an Iranian satellite state so the idea we can deal with this threat through peace making isn't a realistic option. Iran has no interest in peace and Hizbolllah are backed by Iran. Peace may have been possible once before Hizbollah provoked Israel into war in 2006 for the purpose of uniting the country around them and weakening the anti Syria anti Iran government which was at its peak after the 2004 revolution. The IDF basically needs to do its maximum to go on the offensive to end the war as quickly as possible and keep casualties as low as possible but there is nothing israel can do to stop any war the ball is in Hozbollah's court.

    from the article: Missile defense systems won't protect Israel
    First published 01:33 02.12.10 | Last updated 01:33 02.12.10
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