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    • ronit
    • 03.10.05 | 07:26 (IDT)

    Oslo was all about the PLO agreeing to cooperate. Cooperate against terrorism, cooperate economically, cooperate everywhere. Well, welcome to Oslo the Reality. Golden Calf has turned out to be a mere pagan idol, not only is the PLO unwilling to 'cooperate' with Israel and not only has it made any such 'cooperation' a capital offense, such as executing 'cooperators' and 'collaborators' in front of cheering crowds of Palestinian fascists, Sadaam Hussein style. So what has become of all those Jewish Munich Beerhall Agitators who assured us that Oslo would produce Palestinian-Israeli cooperation? Why, they are out assuring everyone about how they have been right all along about everything..... And about how the anti-Oslo dissidents have always been wrong about everything because they are evil people who do not want peace and killed Yitzhak Rabin. Nothing new under the sun. Very much like the Old Communist Left condemning the cowardly moderate Left and the treasonous to the Revolution democratic socialists, they keep insisting that you cannot make revolutionary omelets without breaking eggs. No room for whining about the methods chosen by the PLO. THEY know what best serves their interests. It is the job of TRUE leftists to support their liberation no matter what. And not make faces suddenly over the PLO's choice of means to achieve its just ends. If the PLO wishes to base its policies on SOnny and Cher's ''Bang Bang'', so be it..For years, the Israeli Left has had a handful of darling Palestinian ;;human rights;; activists. These were those rare creatures willing to go beyond condemning the brutal Nazi behavior of Israel to occasionally saying something constructively critical about the fascism of the PLO, such as suggesting that PLO press censorship might be something not nice. Among these, perhaps the best known is one who has long been the chief darling of the Left both in Israel and around the world. He is Bassem Eid. He heads something called the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group which was flooded by funding from Europe, Canada, and elsewhere. Eid also long worked with B'tselem, which purports to be a human rights group but is in fact an exteremist anti-Israel group that has yet to speak out against Palestinian gangland slayings of collaborators.Here is how one source sang Eid's praises for supposedly standing up to the PLO and defending Arab human rights EVEN when they were being violated only by Arabs: ..Unfortunately, the shrill voices of most human rights organizations went silent-a notable exception being Bassem Eid, who, after years struggling against Israeli violations of human rights, now continues, as the director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, to criticize the Palestinian Authority. so here we have a Palestinian man of principles and true ethics at long last, right? This very same Bassem Eid showed up on CNN, praising the decision to murder 'collaborators' in front of firing squads. After all, it is a time of war like DUH Barak was telling us it is a time of peace? and in times of war traitors get shot. Did not the Allies shoot their traitors in times of war? he queries. And besides, Eid reminded listeners, there were LOTS of countries in which criminals are given the death penalty, even in Texas. Never mind that the victims of the firing squads are not criminals, but merely suspected of having helped PREVENT Palestinian crimes.

    from the article: The Rabin state
    First published 00:00 02.10.05 | Last updated 00:00 02.10.05
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