The Left has expropriated "DEMOCRACY" - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Michael Greenberg
    • 20.07.11 | 20:02 (IDT)

    ...a a term exclusive to itself ...yes human rights WITH AN "AGENDA" of bias must be investigated...this is not aNTI-DEMOCRATIC but making sure that somebody else's "human rights" are not hurt by a bias..IN political choices every decision ultimately favours a particular side --for the LEFT to claim "human rights" as apolitical and unbiased to somebody's agenda is NOT REALISTIC -it is either delusional or it is DELIBERATELY biased. It is "DEMOCRATIC" to espouse all citizens of the same state (if it is Democratic) to have equal rights under tht State's laws...IT is CRAZY to expect l citizens of different states -even if they all are democratic-- to be treated with the same rights all over the world ....IT becomes LUNACY if NGO's support a "human rights cause" where the beneficiaries state that they want to destroy the very state the "DEMOCRATS" of that threatened state are trying to aide the "cause" /"agenda" of the "rights" they claim those threatening others deserve to have support on ...In short -in supporting the OTHERS' claim to "rights" over their own people's claim to different rights -these "DEMOCRATS" have made a political choice so we are now into the game of defining being a TRAITOR to one's OWN CAUSE in support of an OPPOSING CAUSE..this is fine within the confines of one's OWN STATE where political "WINNING" is the very nature of DEMOCRACY --it is NOT FINE in the context of support OUTSIDE one's own state,wherin giving aide to others ALSO involves a threat to either exterminating your own state or de-lgitimizing and reducing it to become the bitch-slave of those OTHERS these "DEMOCRATS" are trying to support. THIS becomes a very fine line towards TRAITORDOM -and so it SHOULD be investigated because OWN DEMOCRACY is either at stake entirely or one's OWN DEMOCRATIC POLITY willbe SHRUNKEN other words ONE's OWN PEOPLE willbe made "LOSERS" ... WHAT DEMOCRACY INTHE WORLD would vote to become a LOSER ? NONE! THUS we expose the lunatic thinking of the Lefty idealst "DEMOCRATS" who believe that a nasty real world can ALL be "the same" ..when there is not a shred of evidence in history that it can be REALITY--there are only WINNERS and LOSERS both within a single DEMOCRATIC STATE and btween STATES /PEOPLES with differing competing agendas.

    from the article: Livni: Bill to probe NGOs is anti-democratic, hurts Israel
    First published 14:46 20.07.11 | Last updated 17:02 20.07.11
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