the left are not offering the people what they want but Bibi is and thats why he will probably win again - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 09.12.12 | 17:55 (IST)

    Social justice, peace process all the usual stuff that excites people at first but then the excitement dies down and people start looking for other things that the left isn't offering. Shelly Y is complete rookie, she has all these social ides but hasn't said how any of it will be paid for ( can't all come from the military budget ). She talks about the peace process but to most people the peace process is yesterdays priority and today they want other things. Meretz is as far left as they go apart from Hadash and so they have only a very small following so their glory day in the 90s when they could win as many as 10 seats and get senior cabinet postings are long gone. Lapid doesn't have anything except his fame and thats pretty much what this whole party has been built around ( the famous Yair Lapid ) so the worse he does the better for the country. Livni like Lapid has nothing to offer she looks like she does and more leftists trust her than the do Shelly. Shelly likes to say she is centrist but she gives senior spots on the party list to extreme leftists like mad michelie and Stav Shafir, some people do like them but to others it says Labor is a very leftist party not a centrist one and we don't want far left. Bibi looks like the kind of man that can be trusted on security, the economy etc. There has also been a swing toward the nationalists so they must be doing something right. Last time round Kadima got elected on a sympathy vote for Sharon not because people liked their policies. Now look at them, gone from having the largest number of seats to most probably not even passing the electoral threshold. Until Labor start offering something new and have leaders that people feel they can trust to run the country the way they do with Bibi but don't with Shelly then the left is going to remain in the political wilderness. Time to stop talking about the traditional Labor stuff and get more modern, In the UK Labor were out of power for 18 years before Tony Blair came along with New Labor which didn't look anything like the Labor party of the past and Blair won 2 elections and the only reason he went was because of Iraq which was an unpopular war. Israel's left need a New Labor that has abandoned all the traditional priorities and image of the peace making working mans party, it means getting rid of ideologies but an ideology is useless if you are in opposition.

    from the article: Polling the Israeli polls: Labor stable, Lapid and Meretz evaporating
    First published 08:20 09.12.12 | Last updated 01:04 09.12.12
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