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    • zionist forever
    • 23.11.10 | 11:54 (IST)

    The Golan & Jerusalem should have had referenda of their own rather than all being part of the same package because whilst some Israelis may be in favor of dividing Jerusalem but not giving up the Golan or the other way around if they are both part of the same package if you agree to give up one the government will take it as permission to give up both. As far as I know this bill does not say what happens if there is a referendum and the government looses. Can the next government say well the result of that referendum barred the previous government giving up land but it is not binding on us? what happens if the government says well the referendum stopped us agreeing to give up all the Golan but if we only gave away 99% well we wouldn't really have broken the rules would we? How long is the referendum binding for because it's unlikely that 20 years from now the government would consider a referendum result to be still binding and so if the referendum result last for a limited time how long for and will the government have to hold another referendum afterwards? Who will write the question which the referendum is based on and what will the question be because if you word the question properly the government can rig the referendum. If they said do you want peace with palestinians & Syria I think most Israelis would say yes even if they are against giving up land. So we need to be careful about what the question is and that its drafted by an independent body supervised by the courts. This whole bill has been a farce from start - finish and intentionally left full of loopholes and the idea of it was not about saying let the public decide it was basically giving the government the power to give away land and not having to worry about their government being brought down because they can say we got public consent. If this had been about letting the public decide the Golan & Jerusalem would each have a referendum which applies to them alone and there would be no clause allowing an 80MK majority to skip a referendum need. The only good thing that can be said about this referendum bill is its taken the power out of Obamas hands. As long as a referendum is needed Obama can't say give up Jerusalem and the Golan or else I will punish Israel. Obama can bully the government but he can't bully the Israeli public.

    from the article: Law requiring referenda for land concession will polarize Israelis
    First published 02:45 23.11.10 | Last updated 02:45 23.11.10
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