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    • Tosefta
    • 05.01.07 | 18:53 (IST)

    There were a number of excuses given for the invasion of Iraq: WMD's, and bringing Democracy to Iraq. Both excuses have failed. There is one excuse which is still accepted: Saddam's cruelty made it imperative to depose him. I will try to debunk this justification as well. Let just note the the deeper real reasons were probably the following: 1. Dumbya's Oedipal drive; 2. Imperialism: Control of oil resources (as in the the PNAC plan); 3. Neocon mixing of Israeli interests with US interests. As to Saddam's cruelty, he was cruel, but Iraq is a cruel society and Saddam fit right in. Cruelty in Iraq goes back at least 3000 years. The Assyrians (northern Iraq) were much more cruel than the Babylonians (further south). Assyria expelled and switched population of subject states as a matter of policy, making them easier to control, while the Babylonians used exile just for punishment. Take a look at reliefs describing Assyrian kings: Very fierce and cruel looking. Just compare them to the lovely Sumerians in the south. (Gudea is a sweetie.) As far as more recent times, cruelty is also noticeable. In the 1958 Qassem revolution which toppled the monarchy, the royal family was lined up and shot dead, including women. Prime Minister Nuri Said was also killed and buried, but the crowd dug his body out, mutilated and burned it. (Reminding one of Fallujah?) Nuri was pro British and anti-Nasserist. An Iraqi delegation later paid homage to Abdul Nasser in Egypt and brought him a present: A little box which Nasser opened to see a finger of Nuri Daid. He was appalled. (Story told by M.H. Heichal.) The Iraqis are crueler than other Arabs. We now saw it in Saddam's execution, with attendees taunting the man on the gallows. But even more disgustingly, day in and day out, bodies are found in Iraq showing signs of torture by electric drills. If you want to kill someone, why the drilling? Saddam was cruel, but he was just an Iraqi. You don?t go to war to change the Iraqi character. This takes a long time of education.

    from the article: History and Hussein's hanging
    First published 00:00 04.01.07 | Last updated 00:00 05.01.07
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