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    • Gila
    • 11.03.14 | 20:05 (IST)

    You neglect to mention that the Temple Mount is THE holiest place of all for the Jewish people, site of the two Jewish Temples for hundreds of years long before the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque ever existed, towards which Jews have ALWAYS prayed (cf Muslims, except at the very beginning of Islam, have always prayed towards Mecca; also Jerusalem which is mentioned in the Jewish Bible several hundred times, is not mentioned in the Quran even once). Imagine that Mecca was run by non-Muslims and no Muslim could even pray there. This is exactly as outrageous and ridiculous a situation as the current situation is for Jews, and other non-Muslims, who, contrary to international and Israeli law, are regularly harassed by the police there, not allowed to take up any holy books or other holy items and risk arrest as criminals simply for peacefully praying!!! The whole issue at stake here is one of human rights. Standing up for human rights for Jews and other non-Muslims as well as Muslims on what is actually the very holiest site of all for the Jewish people is not being extremist or the concern of a "fringe" group. It is a basic human right for people to be able to visit and to pray on a site that is so important and holy to them, and this right is currently being denied. THAT needs to change, and more and more people are becoming outraged at the present situation there. If anyone has a problem with someone of a different faith wishing and needing to pray there, and actively and violently seeks to deny that right, then frankly it is the problem of that person objecting to non-Muslims praying and who should be arrested and charged, which is simply not happening at the moment. Noone is trying to stop Muslims from continuing to pray on the Temple Mount nor suggesting that it is not considered holy by Muslims as well, even though the Islamic holiest places of all are at Mecca, not Jerusalem. The intolerance for human rights on the Temple Mount lies entirely on the Islamic side, and this urgently needs to be addressed and corrected.

    from the article: Delaying the apocalypse at Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount
    First published 02:13 11.03.14 | Last updated 15:56 10.03.14
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