The Incompetent, Humorous, Sad Organization that is Nefesh from the Past Year... (A Long Well Thought Out Post) - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • anonymous
    • 25.04.13 | 00:33 (IDT)

    Forgive the long post for it is well thought out. :-) My experiences with Nefesh over the past calendar year has been one of exposure to the vagueness, apathy, incompetence, and deceitful practices of a unstructured bureaucratic void of a organization. Today I view Nefesh as absurdely humorous, a continual supplier of abundant material for my comic relief, and unfortunately great sadness. Thia is my Nefesh aliyah application story. I submitted all of the necessary documents, pictures, and payments required by Nefesh to complete the application process. After a three week exchange of emails I attempt to secure a shaliach. We schedule a interview by phone two weeks later. The phone interview is routine and she gives me the information for my local interview. I meet with my local shaliach and she informs me that my "special circumstances" will delay my application. I ask her if she has read my any of my references and she replies matter of factly no. I ask her when she will be submitting my application for final approval. She offers no timetable. She informs me she will contact my shaliach who will call me for a second phone interview. The shaliach fails to call me (now five weeks) after my local interview. I phone her and she is out of the office. I ask if her supervisor is available. She asks if she can call me back later that day. I agree to the call back later in the day. I decide to call the office and repeadly get a voicemail recording. I never receive a call back that day. I sit in limbo (now a week) waiting for this unorganized, incompetent, and quite hiliarious organization to awaken from its coma. Nefesh appears to string people along without any timeline or prompt feedback to the actual timetable in the application approval schedule. You are left to poorly trained twenty somethings who continually rattle off the Nefesh bureaucratic doublespeak. Nefesh (and their emplyees) are inconsistent in exactly what documents they require for applicants and simply adding (at will) requests for more documents. They also seem to be selecting only the candidates they feel qualify for their program. I have no issue with a objective selection process. The lack of transparency into how they select (and approve) candidates is hidden from potential candidates prior to commencing the application process. The failure to inform potential candidates of this non transparent and "subjective" selection process prior to submitting a application fee, documents, and a significant time investment is sinful and quite sad. Aliyah is open to all members of the jewish people regardless of age, religious observance, disability, preexisting health conditions s, criminal backgrounds, and most other extenuating circumstances. Yes, a person can pay for their own flights to Israel to make aliyah. Nefesh's approach to "dangle a carrot" (the free flight) in front of potential aliyah candidates without the proper employee organizational training, application approval schedules, and proper stated guidelines in place is disgraceful, sinful, and prohibited under jewish law. I hope this elongated comment is helpful to some people considering the Nefesh aliyah program. I urge anyone in the israeli government or in the jewish agencies themselves to not only address (and fix) the aforementioned issues but overhaul the entire Nefesh aliyah system abroad. It is a sad commentary on the aliyah process for those abroad (and others) that attempt in good faith to engage these jewish agencies (with their wealth of financial resources), in the false hope of a streamlined aliyah process. Our apathy (as jews) toward this type of incompetence, deceitfulness, and sinful behavior in the jewish community is unconscionable. Nefesh does fufill the mitzvah of bringing jews to Israel from many countries. The mitzvah of securing aliyah for jews (in itself) does not absolve Nefesh of their organizational failures, pronounced apathy, non existent application approval timelines, lack of transparency, bureaucratic abyss and overall chutzpah. Shalom, :-) P. S. I have secured a private flight to Israel and a nice residence in Tel Aviv in keeping with my original aliyah schedule despite Nefesh's incompetence. This post was created on the iPhone, please disregard any spelling errors

    from the article: Nefesh B'Nefesh an ineffective monopoly with overpaid executives, say critics
    First published 21:16 20.10.12 | Last updated 21:16 20.10.12
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