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    • Fortuna Benmayor
    • 13.04.11 | 01:42 (IDT)

    The evidence has been like the writing on the wall: all the Iranian proxies, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and powerful Hizballah, are preparing for a simultaneous attack on Israel's home front, as the Jewish state has never experienced before. It has been there, in each and every military assessment from at least the second Lebanon war onwards. And yet, despite the obviousness of it, idiots (I use the term in all its intended texture), have been so negligent as to still talk that "defense is not deterrence" and other absurd theoretical truisms that are totally detached from their one task: to defend Israelis. That's why Israel's Army is called the Israel Defense Forces, Tzava le-Hagana le-Israel (Tzahal, in its Hebrew initials). So an old hubris from the days of Moshe Dayan still pervaded the Israeli military thinking, long after it is clear that wars are now assymetrical, and that Israel's enemies use proxies well-hidden among civilians. It was obvious to and schoolboy or girl, that Iron Dome, Magic Wand and Arrow should be by now, 5 years after the second Lebanon war, fully and absolutely operational. But lo and behold, as the miserable third battery of the short-range missile defense system is "hastened", the rest of the country is sorely vulnerable. Generals and finenciers have let hubris about "offensive deterrence" and costs lose the ball about the IDF's first task: to defent Israelis in israel. Speed up the entire multi-layered anti-missile defense system, and the balance of deterrence will benefit Israel totally. There is currently little these terrorist sects Iran has put at our borders can do without their ammassed 70.000 missiles. The costs? Life is the ultimate imperative. There is no other. It renders the cost secondary, and when operational, the sales will be able to turn the costs into an investment. Many countries will buy them.

    from the article: As war fears mount, Iron Dome production speeds up
    First published 01:19 13.04.11 | Last updated 01:19 13.04.11
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