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    • zionist forever
    • 15.01.12 | 15:03 (IST)

    People use the word democracy very easily around here but most the time its just a buzz word to make an article or talkback sound more dramatic. This law is actually an example of democracy when it works because when it was introduced nearly a decade ago both Likud & Labor supported it in the Knesset and since then all the courts including the HIgh Court have all said its legal, we cant say laws we like are democratic but the ones we don't like are undemocratic just because they are controversial. Politicians from both left & right voted in favor and all the courts voted in favor so how is that un democratic, controversial maybe but undemocratic no. How is this undemocratic against Israeli arabs, the arabs are not forbidden to marry palestinians the arabs from enemy entities ( anybody Israel doesn't have a treaty with ) are not granted citizenship upon marriage thats all. You complain about expulsion for law breaking, well the simple answer there is don't break the law isn't? How many other westernized countries will give automatic citizenship to people from enemy entities just because they marry somebody who is a citizen of the country they seek citizenship in? If somebody from Japan married an American citizen during WW2 how many of those Japanese would be granted US citizenship upon marriage? My grandfather went to the UK as a refugee from Austria where he married a British woman but it was a long time after the war was over before he was allowed British citizenship, Israel is officially still at war with the arabs just same the US & UK were at war with Japan & Austria. Even today many EU countries and the US have laws like this to stop marriages of convenience and non citizens who break the law can be expelled married or not, Israel is not unique its just the only one that ever gets criticized. The US has a much tougher llaw than the one banning government funding of political NGOS in Israel, everybody is up in arms about even the watered down version and shouting its undemocratic but when was the last time anybody called the US undemocratic for introducing laws like this which are even tougher than anything anything proposed here? The only real discrimination in this country is the Law of Return allowing Jews an automatic right to Israeli citizenship along with thousands of dollars worth of state benefits because they are Jewish whilst not granting that benefit to non Jews. In a democracy you can't praise the courts when they support your opinion on a piece of legislation and say the courts are broken when they don't also the granting of citizenship to a non national is not a human right its a GIFT and if the state decides not to give that gift then it is within its rights.

    from the article: Israel's High Court doesn't deserve to be defended
    First published 03:31 15.01.12 | Last updated 03:31 15.01.12
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