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    • John Yorke
    • 20.06.10 | 11:51 (IDT)

    Raking over the coals of events past can be a good idea, if only to clarify and reflect on the catalogue of mistakes made, mistakes accumulated by all and sundry over these many years. But how to rectify or learn from them? The past, as they say, is past and tomorrow is another day. In the here and now, we can only propose action on such matters in future time. There is no way to undo what has happened, no time machine capable of restoring history to what, today, might be considered its rightful course. OK, then let us deal with what is possible. And learn from what has happened. This latest flotilla debacle, those Jerusalem building projects, that Dubai assassination business, Operation Cast Lead, rocket attacks on Southern Israel, invasion of Lebanon, suicide bombings, border incidents,....the list is a long one, going all the way back to 1948 and, perhaps, much further back than that. And what have we learned from all this? Only that we seem to have learned nothing of any real value. The conflict still continues, the morality and efficacy of the whole affair seems even more in doubt than ever before and where the matter must eventually come to rest may reflect quite badly on all of us. Until we ourselves can decide to take some direct control in the matter, our only function seems to be that of onlookers, mere observers of an ongoing tragedy whose origins have been lost in the mists of time. And whose ending promises to be an extremely unpleasing one for all concerned. How are we, therefore, to extricate ourselves from this dilemma? The options are very limited, the opportunities remain few. It may be that we will have to create our very own way out of this maze, find an exit large enough to allow us all to leave - and in a fairly orderly manner Unless we can effectively contain this contagion, eradicate and eliminate it from our midst and vindicate ourselves somewhat by having done so, the problem will continue to haunt us down all the years. Especially so, if the solution can be as straightforward and as easily implemented as thus presented.

    from the article: Give them an inquiry
    First published 01:45 20.06.10 | Last updated 01:45 20.06.10
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