The Egyptian people never wanted to make peace with Israel the dictators Sadat & Mubarak did and the people had no say in the matter - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 28.08.11 | 09:58 (IDT)

    The Egyptian people have never been supportive of the peace treaty but they have never had a say in the matter because the never chose their leaders. Israel's celebrated when the treaty was signed because they wanted that treaty and they were pleased with it. In Egypt nobody was rejoicing at the prospect of peace with Israel, they even assassinated their president as a punishment for making a peace the people didn't want. The dictator decided he would make peace and the people were basically told this is how its going to be live with it. The original peace treaty with Egypt never said anything about palestinian autonomy, Jimmy Carter intentionally agreed not to address the palestinian issue because no deals would be reached with Israel if the palestinians were part of the package and Carter decided better a treaty with Egypt & let the palestinian problem wait rather than put off the treaty with Egypt until we reach a point when its possible to address all issues. Neither Lebanon or Cast Lead had anything to do with the treaty with Egypt. We also cannot give up the right to go to war against others as a condition of having peace with Egypt. The Egyptians have never liked the treaty for a number of reasons. The fact Egyptian troops are not allowed in Sinai they see as an infringement of their soverignty. Israel signed all kinds of cosy arrangements with Mubarak like buying gas for less than market value. They don't like the fact that Egypt has been helping stop the smuggling into Gaza, they see it as betrayal of the palestinians. Under US pressure Muabark agreed to build an underground steel barrier on the Gaza border to stop digging of smuggling tunnels, the Egyptians see that as being the same as the security barrier Israel is building in Judea & Samaria and Mubarak made himself enemies over the decision to build that thing. The The Egyptians resent the fact that Israel is allowed to influence the weapons they can buy. For decades the Egyptians have wanted the F15 but Israel has objected and so the US has refused to sell. The US will not let Egypt have the most modern version of the Abrams tank because it wants to make sure the generation of tank they have is behind what Israel operates. Egypt wants to buy the F35 but the US won't sell because Israel wants to be the only country in the region to operate stealth aircraft. The Egyptian people resent the political influence Israel has in the world. Even before this recent incident even the moderate politician candidates in Egypt were saying the peace treaty should be annulled or renegotiated but it should not be allowed to continue to exist in its present form and most the Egyptian people feel the same way. Face it Gideon our friend was Mubarak never the Egyptian people and sadly our friend is gone and all we have to work with now is a country that is and always has been hostile towards Israel... Fear not though Gideon come September there is a real chance that both Jordan and Egypt will tear up their treaties when Abbas goes to the General Assembly and gets a non binding resolution which Israel will neither accept or adhere to.

    from the article: The reason why the Egyptians hate us
    First published 01:07 28.08.11 | Last updated 01:07 28.08.11
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