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    • Prince Henry Ngwakwe
    • 28.11.10 | 15:04 (IST)

    Part 2 The left is not interested in dialogue. It's only interested in demolishing the last vestiges of Judaism in Israel and in disempowering the country. The proof of their intent to disempower the country is clear in their harassment and often demonization of the IDF. They are in the process of neutering it to the point where it will be helpless in case of actual war, afraid to fire a shot without approval from the legal team at HQ. Leftist arguments lack honesty and actual facts. What they use instead is emotional manipulation. They push buttons that they know are very sensitive in the Jewish mind: accusations of racism, appeals to Jews' sense of justice and compassion and desire for peace. The most typical example of leftist hypocricy is their use of fear, when they tell the Jews that if they annex the heartland they will reduce the Jewish percentage in the country. Those same leftists are seen agitating for the admission of African infiltrators, illegal foreign workers, PA relatives of Arab citizens, and so on. Their arguments in favor of partition are equally empty. Just recently there is a headline on YNET saying that if the widely popular Muslim Brotherhood wins the Egyptian elections, they will abrogate the peace treaty with Israel. "Right wing extremists" have been telling you that for years. That "Peace" is just a ruse to get the Jews to give up their land. That the paper Israel got for Sinai is not worth anything. Just as any "agreement" reached with the PA will not be worth anything once the State of Palestine is established. So why does the left pursue this anti-Israel, anti-settler, anti-Haredim agenda? It's to disempower Israel. Scratch the surface of many leftists and you will find support for a binational state or an Arab state on what is now Israel. That is their true agenda. The media war against the settlers and the Haredim, the campaign for partition, the collaboration with ISM and other enemies of Israel are only part of it.

    from the article: Netanyahu is pushing Abbas toward Israel's enemies
    First published 02:10 28.11.10 | Last updated 02:10 28.11.10
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