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    • anonymous
    • 31.12.10 | 17:06 (IST)

    The dark ages were a time of plagues and foreign invasions,and a lack of knowledge. After the fall of the Roman empire, religious communities, lacked tolerance, i.e., the Inquisition. Also, antisemitism. The Enlightenment did not succeed entirely because people still live partially or entirely in the dark ages of ignorance. America had its enlightened geniuses who gave us the Constitution, but we still had our Calvinists who believed in manifest destiny, which was a death sentence for the indigenous Indians. How can you spread enlightenment even today, when the educational system is opposed by fundamentalist religious communities of all faiths against teaching evolution for example? Yet, some of their fears seem rational if you look at it from their viewpoint. Modern science, including human cloning, and the field of genetics is full of pitfalls; tools that evil people like Hitler, could use in pseudo scientific and racist ways. I was met by angry crowds at the supermarket when I went to buy genetically modified tomatos. Can this kind of food be harmful in a way we don't know???? As a student of genetics in my biology course in college, I found genetics interesting; yet, how can I answer the questions of the fearful that science and genetics won't be used for evil purposes and won't harm us. Laws have been passed already to prevent cloning. What about abortion? Don't the unborn have rights; or is a fetus just a bunch of tissue, not yet a human person. Also, the greatest evil of all, the atom bomb, is what modern science gave us. So, if there are conspiracy theories and paranoia that blames the Jews for all the world's ills, and Jewish people too are paranoid, there are also real fears about science and the modern world. How can you answer that science has all the answers, when the unknown, cloning, genetics, bombs and worse ways to destroy people, may be out there, ready to get in the hands of the wrong people. The nation states did not get out of the dark ages, turned their union for progress into a nightmare of pseudo science and racism. Why were there genocides, and the Holocaust, the worst act of racism and prejudice? Why did and does the human animal act the way it does? Is it only the genes, or is it a social illness? The religious right in america is now paranoid about science? Can you answer them in truth you know all the answers? Not all religious right wingers are antisemitic, however, nor racist. Is the right worse then the left? Are there not equally bad people on the left?

    from the article: Israel is trapped in paranoid vicious circles
    First published 01:44 31.12.10 | Last updated 01:44 31.12.10
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