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    • Quote:The Lubavitcher Rebbe
    • 04.12.05 | 23:07 (IST)

    This is not the first time that cowardly Jews have been the cause of suffering because of their fear of offending the gentile. At the time of the terrible holocaust, the United States had the opportunity to blow up the railroad tracks and thereby stop (or at least minimise) the journeys of the trains to the death camps. There were Jews who knew what was happening and put pressure on the US President of the time (Roosevelt) to give the instruction to do so. However, certain Jews came forth and silenced the matter with the argument that it is forbidden to exert pressure on the President of the United States because of the law ?do not offend even a minor nation?. Amongst them there were also Rabbis who had received false information and argued that it is forbidden to conflict with Washington! Huge numbers of Jewish people could have been saved from formidable annihilation had the US blown up the railroad lines. Today those Rabbis have their disciples who influence the conduct of the US and Israel. Shameless they utilise their influence in exactly the same way. When confronted with the argument: ?See what you did in the past. All the fasts you will undertake will not be sufficient to atone for the hundreds of thousands of Jewish People who were murdered in the wake of your influence not to say a word against Washington. At least today take a back seat!? Not only do they take no notice of this argument, but to the contrary, they continue to play the role of ?Your destroyers and obliterators will come forth from amongst yourselves (the Jewish People) [Isaiah 39.17]. We find ourselves at a time of war preparations. There is no time to influence or educate the timid ones to stop being fearful and weak hearted. We cannot even be certain that we will succeed because even to tell him of the results of his previous actions will not help. Therefore what can be expected of him now is ?let them go back home? and resign his responsibilities. There is a clear ruling in the Code of Jewish Law. To our pain, all necessary conditions enumerated there exist now: ?Go out to war fully armed to protect all locations through which it is easy for them to conquer the land. This conduct is demanded where the danger is no more than a faint possibility, certainly in our situation of certain threat to life. There are Jews today, certainly one Jew, who is afraid of the nations. He is used to receive from them honours and has come to the conclusion that his ultimate state of perfection in this world is that they should say of him that he is a good man. For this he is prepared to endanger the Jewish People. Now is not the time to educate him since every moment that the borders are not being settled the Jewish people are being endangered G-d Save us! It is possible to settle the borders in a very short time, in a moment. The situation demands this action. The army is prepared to move in yet he won?t permit this because of his fear. He must resign! Whoever is concerned for the life of even one Jew must do all in his power that all borders be settled. By not doing so, this is interpreted by the world community as Israel?s fear. The pressure on handing over Hebron, the Old City of Jerusalem, and all of the territories will be averted and Israel will show the world that she is not intimidated and many Jewish lives will be saved. Each moment those who are able to utilise their influence that the borders being settled and do not do so shoulder the responsibility! (From the farbrengen Motzoi Shabbos Parshas Bechukosai 1978)

    from the article: Beyond Yachimovich's view
    First published 00:00 04.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 04.12.05
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