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    • wanderer
    • 07.10.10 | 09:43 (IST)

    It seems that the united states are starting to feel the effects of ostracizing Turkey for its current political posture. Because of Turkey's disgust for Israel's Cast Lead operation, Mavi Marmara disaster, Turkey has reasserted itself as a non-aligned nation acting on its own conscience and interests. The U.S tried to pressure Turkey in rehabilitating the military ties it once had with Israel without helping solve the underlying issue of Israel's actions and the direct repercussions they have had on Turkey. Instead of pressuring Israel to make good towards Turkey, especially after the Flotilla incident, it instead looked the other way and even threatened turkey to reduce its NATO military hardware purchasing. As stated, the U.S even canceled joint military exercises to show solidarity with Israel, in response to its exclusion from those very exercises. The gambit of the u.s administration was that Turkey would fear measures undermining its stature in NATO only to see Turkey finding allies elsewhere to fill in its military cooperation, hardware procurements. The U.S seems to value an eternal, unwavering friendship with Israel than a longstanding, regional key NATO ally. Turkey has outlined very specifically the measures to be taken to rehabilitate the relations with Israel, that comes first with an apology and compensation for the families of activists killed on the Mavi Marmara. Turkey will not back down from this, the U.S should have realized that from the beginning. Threatening to withhold military hardware sales to Turkey (a NATO ally) over its diplomatic row with Israel (a non-NATO ally) not only shows how hollow the NATO alliance is to the U.S., but also shows how far and costly the U.S is ready to go to protect its infallible Israeli ally. In the end, it is the U.S that will lose valuable military contracts with Turkey who will simply give those contracts to China. In practical terms the U.S gambit was but an empty threat, as the Turks know very well that it can procure from the Chinese what the U.S threatens to withhold. In the end, the U.S will bury the hatchet, uphold its NATO military procurement obligations with Turkey as there is too much money at stake. Perhaps the latest air-drill with China is simply a message from Turkey to remind the U.S what is at stake.

    from the article: Growing ties between Turkey, China, Iran worry Israel and U.S.
    First published 02:12 07.10.10 | Last updated 02:12 07.10.10
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