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Egyptian APCs patrol on the Egyptian side of the border, as seen from the Gaza Strip, July 2, 2015.

'Hamas provided ISIS with weapons for Sinai attacks'

Israeli general says Hamas also gave Islamists in Egypt logistical support; Netanyahu: 'Our hearts are with the Egyptian people.'

Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa, June 14, 2015.

Did Clinton refuse to meet then-envoy Michael Oren?

Bill's old college roommate wrote Hillary Clinton in 2009, asking if her staff were stopping her meeting the new Israeli ambassador to Washington.

IDF soldiers leave the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge, 2014.

There's no escaping another Gaza war

It's been one year since Operation Protective Edge, and the unavoidable fact is the fighting will erupt again.

Israeli forces approaching Gaza flotilla

The Orwellian logic of Israel’s blockade of Gaza

Analysis | It goes like this: There is no such blockade, and if you violate it, you will be arrested.