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    • ivo
    • 24.08.10 | 02:34 (IDT)

    one can understanfd his intentions, to turn the tide of the last few decades during which israel is becoming less tolerant, even less democratic & pluralistic & where the flaws in the specifically israeli system are becoming even more apparent. that's fair enough. but he's fooling around w/the terms & the ideas. there's no way you can extricate the centrality of religion from the jewish identity, which is properly termed an ethnic one (leaving the word 'nationality' to the way it's used almost universally today, ie linked to citizenship). it's simply an historical fact & you can't change that. neither can anyone, nor could the zionisits, if any of them ever intended to, 'secularize the jewish people' /'secularize judaism', that's not something you can plan /organize (unless we're talking about totalitarian states) - it's a matter of historical & cultural development. jews were at the time zionism was born already secularized to quite some extent, & one may've imagined that this development was only going to continue till no religious element was left. nevertheless, history & people take care of these things on their own & you can't guess which way it's gonna go. what israel needs is, as many others than grinberg have understood & pointed out, a clean separation of synagogue & state, that's all. the character of this state, ie israel, is already in a basic way given, similarly to what happens in any state w/one dominant ethnic majority. that carries w/it no contradiction whatsoever w/reg. to the democratic freedoms & principles this state is bound to & able to uphold. as to nationality, again, it's already a fact, a given, from which all conclusions only need to be drawn consistently & all the way. nationality does & must & should cover all the citizens of the state, whatever their origins, or adherence ethnically or religiously. that is not very complicated. you can't be a jewish muslim 'cause that wouldn't work ethnically (but you could be a muslim w/jewish 'origins' /background). but it's not an issue. you can be an israeli muslim, & indeed you can be an israeli arab. the problems are bad enough as they are, don't make them even worse, mr grinberg.

    from the article: You can't be a Jewish Muslim
    First published 01:58 23.08.10 | Last updated 01:58 23.08.10
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