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    • zionist forever
    • 29.12.10 | 16:56 (IST)

    Bibi is a survivor and i wouldn't count him out yet. This article itself is flawed. 1) The reason Bibi has no achievements on the palestinian front is Abbas. Its Bibi who gave a 10 month freeze as a goodwill gesture and during that freeze Abbas didn't say lets talk he said the gesture is not big enough I want more. Obama had to drag Abbas kicking and screaming into talks and then the freeze ended and once again Abbas walked away this time Bibi could not offer his cabinet something for nothing considering the failure thanks to Abbas during the last freeze. He made Abbas a counter offer recognise Israel as a jewish state even PJ Crowly recomended he take it but he refused. Obama made an offer of some free fighter planes and various other things Bibi had got full cbinet acceptance including from the religious block & Liberman but the only condition was Obama put it in writing and when we did suddenly he was not actually going to offer all those things so there was no freeze. ( remember unlike Abbas & Obama Bibi and every other Israeli leader relies on coalition support to get things done. ). Arafat spoke to Rabin, Peres, Bibi & Barak without the demand for a settlement freeze Barak himself recently announced there was alot more settlement construction going on under his watch than there has been with this government. Abbas spoke with Olmert unconditionally while settlement construction continued its only now he has all these pre conditions to talks. The reason in his first year Obama led Abbas to believe he could have anything he wanted all he needed to do was demand it and the result is Abbas started taking up a fantasy political situation which he knew himself Bibi could not deliver but it allowed him to look like the hard man. 2) Bibi twice stretched out his hand to Livni and she twice refused him. Bibi wanted a national unity government which means left & right not a left wing one and if he had accepted an offer where he ditches his right wing partners for Livni he would have become the minority partner in a left wing majority coalition where Bibi's only other coalition partners are the religious block so there is no way he could have practically ditched Liberman and Livni knew it. Shaul Mofaz said if he were party leader right now he would join the coalition unconditionally ( create a national unity government ). Livni's problem is she is her ego, if she takes part in a coalition she wants to be queen not just another coalition partner and she is bitter Peres gave the PM job to Bibi rather than her and Bibi did not agree to a power sharing agreement where he is PM for the first 2 years then he steps asside and Livni becomes PM for 2 years so she does not want to cooperate. 3) If we had an election now all the polls show Bibi would return and with an increased majority votes taken from Kqdima & Labor shared between Likud and Yisrael Baitaninu so what then yet another election because we didn't deliver the result the left wanted? Assuming Livni won she would have exactly the same problem as Bibi because she like him needs the same old faces to form a coalition. The only reason she did not inherit the throne from Olmert when he stepped down is she needed Shas to form a coalition and they refused so she couldn't get the numbers and was forced to hold an election won by the right. Bibi may not have made much progress on the palestinian front but believe it or not thats not the only thing that matters in Israeli politics and he has done very well on some domestic issues and Liberman has been a breath of fresh air to Israels stale politically correct system where nothing new usually gets done. We had a bill banning state funding of nakba events, we had the loyalty bill, a referendum on any deal with Syria and a variety of other things. 4) If your looking for progress with the palestinians then don't look to Livni to be the messiah it will happen when Obama stops giving Abbas unconditional support where he thinks punishing Israel is the only solution and instead gives Abbas a kick up the backside and tells him I am on your side but you want my help you need to stop acting like a child and talk UNCONDITIONALLY. The future of settlements will be decided through negotiations not pre conditions .... Its called tough love. If that doesn't happen either Bibi or Livni will win the election each of them will need the same coalition partners who will still be demanding the same things as they are now and so nothing will change other than the fact we have held an election.

    from the article: It's over for Benjamin Netanyahu
    First published 02:10 29.12.10 | Last updated 02:10 29.12.10
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