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    • zionist forever
    • 20.01.12 | 15:05 (IST)

    The only real obstacles to American military action right now are the election and fear of how it would affect the global economy if the Straits of Hormuz were blocked even if it was just a short term thing. If Iran pushes the US to far by closing the Straits of Hormuz or to much saber rattling Obama will come under pressure to do something. Long term without military action Iran will eventually get nukes because they need them as part of their long tern strategy. At the best it will mean a conventional war with Saudi Arabia as Iran tries to bully its neighbors . At worst Saudi Arabia will buy nukes from Pakistan, Egypt & Turkey may also develop their own nuclear weapons and so this part of the world will be the most heavily concentrated nuclear zone with at the very least 3 nuclear powers and possibly more. How will France feel when Iran has nukes and missiles which can hit all of Europe, their Shihab 3 can already hit parts of Europe and they are improving their missile capabilities all the time, they are probably also working on intercontinental ballistic missiles which would be able to hit the US under cover of a space program, they are sending toy monkeys into space and bringing them down again, that sounds to me more like testing ICBM technology. If the US bombed Iran now they could destroy their entire nuclear program along with the entire Iranian conventional forces and missile development plants putting the entire Iranian military back 20 years, we saw what happened when Saddam Hussain chose to fight the mother of all battles instead of getting out of Kuwait. Tomahawk missiles, access to over 100 fighter jets from the US air bases and the Fifth Fleet which include heavy bombers and stealth aircraft. Possibly the US would ask Saudi Arabia to form a coalition so the region sees there is arab support for this attack which is why the US wanted arab coalition partners in 1991 and the Saudis have about have hundreds of F15s & Typhoon jets all of which are more modern than anything Iran has. A war with the Americans would make sure Iran never threatened anybody again and whilst in the short term it would mean a war against Israel at least long term it would make the region and the world a safer place ( including France ).

    from the article: France's Sarkozy: Military strike on Iran would trigger Middle East war
    First published 14:36 20.01.12 | Last updated 14:36 20.01.12
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