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    • Brad
    • 10.06.10 | 00:41 (IDT)

    Let's set aside the ambiguity of flotilla incident, an ambiguity is patently clear to anyone who has read about the incident and seen the videos. At best we are talking about ambiguity and as the evidence continues to come out, it does look increasingly like the flotilla incident was truly a set up. Lets set aside that Senior Poveda has apparently been judge, jury and executioner in this matter, of course without any of the usual trappings, or should I say protections, of due or fair process. Lets set aside that it is only Israel that has an enlightened state attitude towards diverse sexual preferences and that in Gaza and much of the Islamic world being known as gay is a death sentence or at the very least a source of very serious harassment and oppression. Lets set aside the irony that it was the Jews who were excluded from Spain, by the Alahambra decree, and they are now, presumably coincidentally, being selected for exclusion from parade in Spain. But, why are they being excluded? Not because any of those excluded participated in the flotilla raid or were decision makers who decided to engage in the raid. They are, using the language of the world's great hypocrites, victims of group punishment. It strikes me as rich that when Israelis do something like that, engage in so-called group punishment - of course in their case with a view protecting life and limb- there is no end of protest and threats to inflict group punishment on Israelis by boycotting of their goods and services or even academic boycotts. And never mind that some of those who planned to participate in this parade are in the peace camp. They must suffer for alleged, not proved, sins committed by Israel but which may well have been staged by Israel's so-called victims. Senior Poveda, I hope that on reflection you are ashamed of yourself, very very ashamed. The very thing that has historically, and unacceptably, plagued gays, lesbians, and transexuals, insidious and ignorant prejudice, appears to have animated your decision. It is certainly not a product of due process and it targets and humiliates the the wrong people. Nor is there any consciousness and sensitivity to the fact that Spain is a country built on the theft of wealth, land, art and treasury of others, namely Jews and if that is all that happened to them, well they were the lucky ones. I am not suggesting that the historic wrong perpetrated on the Jews by Spain gives Jews and Israel a pass for any wrongdoing. What I am suggesting is that it should make Spaniards careful about "punishing" Jews. I would expect Spaniards to be careful in their deliberations about Jews. In any event, thanks for giving us the stark reminder of something we have always been conscious of and that is the Spanish people continue to harbour stupid, superstitious, visceral animosity of a People, not because of what they have done, but because of who or what they are. Sound familiar?

    from the article: Report: Madrid bans Israelis from gay pride march over Gaza flotilla raid
    First published 22:17 09.06.10 | Last updated 22:17 09.06.10
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