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    • Rafik Boukhris
    • 11.02.12 | 09:47 (IST)

    Good article, Mr Avineri. However your last sentence is incorrect. The Arab States are not all against the Syrian government : Sudan, Mauritania, Irak, Lebanon are with Syria (and these two last countries are the most important for Syria), the majority of the Gulf States (excluding somehow Oman) are against. In North Africa, Libya and Tunisia (now governed by Islamist fundamentalists) are very much against. In Egypt the military establishment is not against, but the Muslim Brotherhood is of course totally against the Syrian government. The Algerian and Moroccan governments are not against but, afraid of their own Islamists, don`t say it. In fact you can see where the fracture is in the Arab World : on one side, helping the Syrian Sunni Salafists for purely religious reasons, you have the Sunni Islamists, from the al Qaeda sympathizers to the so called "moderate Islamists", including the new islamist governments of North Africa (all financed by the no less fundamentalist kingdoms and Emirates of the Gulf, and supported in the medias, and with arms and advisers by the Israelis, the West, and the "moderate" Islamists of Turkey), and on the other side, those who are atavically against religious extremism : all the secular groups and parties of the Arab World, from the communists and the Arab nationalists to the "humanists", and with them for their own reasons, all the Shiaa, from Lebanon (Hezbollah) to all the Alawites (in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey), to of course the majority of the Irakis, and Iran. So, as you can see, the Hamad of Qatar can wear a tie and a suit and go to the UN to represent all the "Arab Oily League" , when it comes to what the 300 million Arabs think and feel, it is very different. We, Secular, Communist, and Humanist Arabs are entering a long fight against our own "Zealots and Sicarii" , but the obscurantism will not prevail at the end, and that is why the outcome in Syria is important for us. You have had your own Jewish Zealots and Sicarii 2000 years ago, and you are entering these days your own fight against the obscurantism and fanaticism that your fundamentalists are trying to impose on Israel today !!

    from the article: It's the sovereignty, stupid
    First published 11:15 10.02.12 | Last updated 11:15 10.02.12
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