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'Livni putting her interests ahead of those of Israel'

Bennett, Likud respond to reports that Livni sought to delay UN Security Council vote on Palestine until after election so as not to bolster Israeli hardliners.

Official: Egypt detained nearly 10,000 in 2014

Suspected militants, rioters and others wanted in violent attacks accused of attempting to curtail Egypt's development since ouster of Mohammed Morsi.

Britain is advising home births – why isn't Israel?

The U.K. is advising women with low-risk pregnancies to give birth at home or at a birthing center due to the risks of hospitalization. It’s time for Israel to do the same.

Michael Twitty
Soul food with schmaltz

Jewish African-American culinary historian Michael Twitty, now in Israel, is passionate about what he calls culinary justice and about Jewish grandmas who cook Southern style.

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