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    • zionist forever
    • 11.01.12 | 15:39 (IST)

    With Yair Lapid he isn't interested in running the country as a whole he is interested in starting his own party for both ego and using his new found political power to push issues that matter to him personally like religious hatred. He is no different to the likes of Shas in motive to form his own party he just wants something different. The way he has suddenly become a messianic figure for the left is just crazy, the man hasn't said what his policies are and how they will benefit the country but he is predicted to get 15-20 seats for no other reason than he is the famous Yair Lapid. He actually reminds me of an Eddie Murphey movie I was watching couple of weeks ago where Eddie Murphy is a conman and he thinks Congress is a great place to go to make money. He has the same name as a famous Congressman who recently died so his campaign slogan is THE NAME YOU KNOW, never shows any pictures of himself says what he stands for but gets elected. Yair Lapid is the name we know but thats it and he is expected to be heading one of the biggest parties in the Knesset, just shows how silly people can be sometimes. As for Noam Shalit,I think that he legitimately wants to get into politics to do something useful which is why ha campaigned on the Labor party ticket and didn't try to form his own party the only real controversial thing he has done is he abused the fame and support he got with the free Gilad campaign and is now using that to buy himself a place on the Labor list because Labor think it will help them to have the father of Gilad Shalit on their team. My one hope with Noam Shalit is he doesn't try and bring Gilad into it, I don't want to hear any little speeches from Gilad telling us how wonderful he thinks it is his father wants to get involved in politics and no photo ops of Noam Shalit with Gilad. If he tried anything like that it would make him just as much an opportunist as Yair Lapid.

    from the article: Neither Lapid nor Shalit deserves to be in politics
    First published 04:36 11.01.12 | Last updated 04:36 11.01.12
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Prime Minister Netanyahu (C), Defense Minister Ya'alon (R) and then-IDF chief Gantz. 2014
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