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Ethiopian women protest leaders

Changing the narrative on the Ethiopian community

Female Ethiopian protest leaders, frowning on what they call a victimhood approach, are forging fresh coalitions in the fight against Israeli racism.

Shas Chairman Arye Dery at a campaign rally in Tel Aviv, March 3, 2015.

Crushing the startup nation/invisible class divide

Both Dery and Kahlon grew up in Israel’s periphery, and together are uniquely placed to turn the Haredim and Arabs into the ‘opportunity class.’

Yuval Rabin

Yuval Rabin’s fall from grace

He means well, say his cronies, but son of former PM Yitzhak Rabin just doesn’t have a knack for business.

It seems the real explanation might be rather more prosaic than those presented by the rabbis.

Shavuot and cheesecake, what's the story?

Rabbis offer explanations for the obscure correlation between Pentecost and dairy.