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    • Dennis L.
    • 01.10.11 | 16:42 (IDT)

    The "free world" is increasingly dominated by those who believe in the doctrine of political correctness in which the victim of aggression becomes transformed into the perpetrator of aggression. How many times do those on the Left label israel as a fascist, racist and apartheid state? I am sure that if asked, those who spew such epithets have no idea of what these terms actually mean let alone the history of region. These words are used for their emotional value. Israel has to be vilified because such demonization supports the rhetoric and tenets of anti-Semitism. The "free world" wants to be liberated from its collective guilt of inaction in the years leading up to and during the Holocaust. Such "blood guilt" can only be expunged if Israel is portrayed as a genocidal nation against the "innocent" Palestinian Arabs who were cruelly and methodically expelled from their ancestral lands by an illegitimate land-grabbing Jewish State. Forget the historical facts regarding the UN Partition of Palestine into two states--one Jewish and one Arab. Forget about the five Arab States that invaded Palestine in an attempt to destroy the nascent Jewish State and its Jews but lost the war. Forget about how the Palestinian Arab refugees were kept in refugee camps from 1948 onwards while Egypt and Jordan illegally occupied those lands. Forget about the corruption of the Palestinian leadership who embezzled international funds or use their own people as human shields or preach a doctrine of hate that will contaminate generations to come. Yes, many in the world expect Israel to "hand over valuable strategic land to these Islamic fanatics" because their own anti-Semitim and the delusion that trading "land for peace" at Israel's expense will buy peace in our time. They mistakenly believe that if the Palestinians and followers of Radical Islam can be appeased by sacrificing Israel then the Western Christian world will be loved by Muslims around the world. What they fail to admit or completely ignore is that there is a now a fundamental clash of religious ideologies in which the Rights of Man will be replaced by strictly enforced Sharia Law. It is time for the so-called international community to wake up before it is too late.

    from the article: Hamas: 'Resistance' against Israel is only option left for Palestinians
    First published 14:24 01.10.11 | Last updated 14:24 01.10.11
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