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A Hamas militant marches during a rally in memory of people who were killed during the 2014 Gaza war

Hamas torn between renewed war and long-term truce

While its political leadership appears to be making efforts to avert conflagration, it's not clear how long Hamas’ military wing will obey and avoid attacks on Israel.

Part of the compound being turned into a settlement outpost.

Church secretly being turned into settler outpost

The West Bank site, situated near a Palestinian refugee camp on a major route linking Bethlehem and Hebron, was purchased by right-wing activist Aryeh King three years ago, Haaretz has learned.

A typical cheesecake

Shavuot and cheesecakes: What's the story?

Rabbis offer explanations for the obscure correlation between Pentecost and dairy, plus one rather prosaic idea involving dessert.

A zman measuring mechanism

Once upon a Hebrew time / StreetWise Podcast

The root, 'z.m.n' is used in so many words in Hebrew, it definitely merits an episode to itself.