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    • Chris ramero
    • 16.08.10 | 20:40 (IDT)

    I get so upset when people compare german concentration camps and their ethnic cleansing to detention facilities and the gaza imbargo. Concentration camps were places where jews (and alot of other "undesirable people") were forced to work 15 hour days of backbreaking labor without even the basic amount of food, clothing and medical facilities. If you couldnt work and droped you would be dragged behind a building and shot. your children and the elderly upon arrival would be dragged away from you kicking and screaming and gassed in a room and the bodies desicrated by being burnt in an oven. The situation palestinians PUT THEMSELVES IN through years of suicide bombings and 4 WARS to eradicate the jewish population is like a 5 star resort next to a concentration camp. Noone is putting them into forced labor, noone is shooting there elderly and children. They have freedom in their own territory and all the food and supplies they need except for construction materiels. They do not have contruction materials becuase THEY HAVE PROVED in the past if given acess to these thing they would make weapons and continue trying to kill Israelis. Why not Ask Jordan why their paalestinians cannot hold citizenshipm or work certain jobs or live in certain places, ask lebanon and syria why they force their countries palestinians to live in filthy refugee camps for 50 years why they cannot hold public office or vote or hold any position with the goverment. They cannot even be doctors and lawyers. My church in New Mexico has a charity program that we all give alot of money to to help jews scattered around the world return to israel or come here to america to rebuild there culture that was almost wiped out in Europe. they come here with no education and no money and build themselves in a few years to doctors lawyers and sucessful business owners. They help our community be more wealthy and prosperous. We know it is our christian Duty to help our jewish brothers and we must all work together to make sure israel is strong for the next 200 years. Maybe if the palestinians would elect more leaders like abbas and less radicals like hamas we would already have an independent peaceful palestine

    from the article: IDF soldier posts images of blindfolded Palestinians on Facebook, from 'best time of my life'
    First published 16:46 16.08.10 | Last updated 16:46 16.08.10
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